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Friday, March 11, 2016

Source: Clinton IT Specialist 'Devastating Witness'

Former Hillary Clinton IT specialist Bryan Pagliano, a key witness in the email probe who struck an immunity deal with the Justice Department, has told the FBI a range of details about how her personal email system was set up, according to an intelligence source close to the case who called him a “devastating witness.”

The source said Pagliano told the FBI who had access to the former secretary of state’s system – as well as when – and what devices were used, amounting to a road map for investigators.

"Bryan Pagliano is a devastating witness and, as the webmaster, knows exactly who had access to [Clinton's] computer and devices at specific times. His importance to this case cannot be over-emphasized," the intelligence source said.

The source, who is not authorized to speak on the record due to the sensitivity of the ongoing investigation, said Pagliano has provided information allowing investigators to knit together the emails with other evidence, including images of Clinton on the road as secretary of state.

The cross-referencing of evidence could help investigators pinpoint potential gaps in the email record. "Don't forget all those photos with her using various devices and it is easy to track the whereabouts of her phone," the source said. "It is still boils down to a paper case. Did you email at this time from your home or elsewhere using this device? And here is a picture of you and your aides holding the devices."

A source close to Pagliano did not dispute the basic details of what was provided to the FBI, but said the highly skilled former State Department IT specialist had met with the bureau on a "limited basis" and was at best a "peripheral" player in the investigation.

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Anonymous said...

Good lets get her in a cell.

Anonymous said...

he probably go missing very soon!

Anonymous said...

Soon to be a dead witness. Suicide, of course.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that too. He'd better get into the witness protection program and retire in the Philippines or somewhere.

Anonymous said...

She will have a friend do the "Vince Foster" on the poor guy.

Anonymous said...

Going to read about his suicide of 4 bullets in the head, or his plane crashed into a mountain.

Anonymous said...

If they had anything at all...they would have pounced on her by now.

Rebel Without a Clue said...

As a former email administrator, I have to wonder who set up the "foreign email" address on the State Depts. mail servers. There had to be an email administrator at State who put her personal email address into the Global Address List (GAL) in order for personnel to be able to locate her address initially or, she only received email from a select few and she emailed them first and her address was placed into their "contacts" list.

With Secretary Clinton's email address in the GAL, whenever anyone would go to send her an email, or if she was a member of a distribution group, then most people would not have bothered to notice that her address was not on "". So there had to be either some collusion going on with the State email admin or they added her foreign address without questioning it. Maybe because they feared for their jobs.

I won't bother to drill any deeper because I don't want to bore the reader but there are questions that an IT guy would ask that are not being asked. This issue can ensnare several people because of the complexity of email systems in general.

Just my two cents, I could be wrong.