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Friday, March 11, 2016

Delegate Anderton Gets Distillery Bill Passed Through The House

With serious interest in bringing a distillery to Wicomico County, County Executive Bob Culver presented interest in expanding legislation already in place in Worcester County to Wicomico County. 

Delegate Anderton put forth a proposed bill that passed the House today and will now move to the Senate for approval. 

The state of Maryland allowed seven distillery licenses, Seacrets has one of them. An interested party who holds one of those seven licenses would like to open a facility in Wicomico County but the legislation was not in place.

Anderton's Bill is proposed for all counties across the entire state so everyone doesn't have to go through this again for each county. 


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First drink is on us, Carl. And the second.

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Let's hope marijuana growers licenses aren't just awarded to a few fat cat "good ol' boys".