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Friday, March 11, 2016

This Just In From Marco Rubio


There's no other way to say this: we will lose.

If we hand the conservative movement over to Donald Trump by making him the Republican nominee, we will lose.

It will be the most devastating setback to our cause in two generations -- and once that happens we may never have time to correct the course our country is on today.

A new poll out shows that if Donald Trump becomes our nominee, he will lose to Hillary Clinton by 13 points, the most catastrophic electoral landslide in decades.

It will be a total repudiation of the conservative agenda by the American people. We will lose all of the gains we have made since the Reagan Revolution.

Whatever issue is the most important to you -- the Second Amendment, the dignity of life, traditional values, economic mobility, a strong military, freedom from government overreach -- it's all on the line.

And if Donald Trump were to win Florida next week, he takes a huge step toward being our nominee, and the disaster that will follow. But it doesn't have to be that way.

If you help me win in Florida, I will be our party's nominee, I will unite our conservative movement, and I will win in November.

There's still time for you to chip in and fund our victory in Florida -- and this is my promise to you: every dollar you donate by clicking right here goes straight to Florida TODAY.

Let's earn this!



Anonymous said...

You know what this says to me?
It says the fix is in. It says he has assurances that if he can block Trump for a brokered convention, he knows they will set him up, regardless of delegate counts.
Little Marco.

Anonymous said...

Guess Marco thinks it is time for a gay president.

Anonymous said...

Desperation has set in for Marco

Anonymous said...

And marco could beat hillary? Bwa - ha ha ha ha. OMG, get the men in the white coats, we've got a live one!

Anonymous said...

Proof that everyone else can see you better than you can see yourself.

Anonymous said...

Can Marco provide protection and common sense over top secret emails? Already better than Hillary. She can't even manage her email effectively! 'Nuff said.

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
And marco could beat hillary? Bwa - ha ha ha ha. OMG, get the men in the white coats, we've got a live one!
March 11, 2016 at 11:21 AM"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

only one i'd vote for is Kasich. otherwise we lose no matter who wins.

Steve said...

Put this article right next to the Washington Times/ NBC poll article that has Trump beating Hillary at 75%!

Anonymous said...

Vote Trump and get it over with! He's 75% favorite as our next POTUS!

I'm all in with that!

Anonymous said...

He will suspend his campaign on Wednesday.