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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Northamptonshire Police shows what happens once your guns are gone

Police in Northamptonshire are hoping to take hundreds of dangerous knives off the streets with the start of a month-long knife amnesty, launched today.

During March, anyone can drop off a knife in a designated ‘blade bin’ without fear of prosecution.
The mobile police station will be in specific locations over the coming weeks with one of the bins, listed below.

Knifes can be dropped into one of these bins, or a scheduled appointment can be made by calling101, and arranging for a police officer to come and take the knife away.

The campaign is part of Operation Limit, the force’s crackdown on violent crime, and also forms part of the national ‘Save a life’ campaign being run nationally.

Blades from forces across the country will be melted down to create an angel statue in Trafalgar Square in memory of those who have lost their lives to knife crime.

The sculptor, Alfie Bradley, said the statue would show ‘the emotion and pain of using knives’.



Anonymous said...

Ok then. How in the Hell will they slice their scrapple in the morning. This is just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

now people will use hammers.

few years from now they will have those turned in too.

better stock up now so when they have hammer buybacks, you can clean house.

Anonymous said...

These damn liberal idiots get crazier every day.

Steve's Leavin's said...

How will they ever melt down all the baseball bats after this?

Anonymous said...

That's ok. I"ll just keep my battery powered nail gun. What idiots!

Anonymous said...

Took their guns and ask for their knives. Smdh. Knives don't cut like guns don't kill. The idiots around here would cheer if the police took our guns and asked for this. No need for guns unless your a thug! Right Wicomico?

Anonymous said...

Well, mates, we're back to pointy sticks again.

Anonymous said...

More liberal bullsh!t. They better also turn in their cricket bats.