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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hiding something, Hillary? Clinton removes Twitter photo of her typing on Blackberry en route to Libya

With her dark sunglasses and stony expression, the image of Hillary staring at her smartphone made her look such a boss that it launched its own Tumblr parody account.

The photograph, which dates from a trip to Tripoli, Libya in September 2011, was even adopted by the former Secretary of State herself for her Twitter profile picture.

However, it seems that the picture which inspired hundreds of comedy memes could be no laughing matter for Clinton as it emerges the photograph could be a figurative smoking gun.

Indeed, Clinton herself has removed the image removed from her Twitter account because it could show her using her controversial personal email account to conduct diplomacy in Libya.

For more than a year, the former Secretary of State had used the monochrome image of her using a Blackberry on board a C-military plane headed to Tripoli in September 2011, around a month after Colonel Gaddafi's regime fell.

But the picture, regularly seen by her 2.9million followers, was removed Sunday - ostensibly to promote a political campaign for gender equality, timed to coincide with International Women's Day.

The image was once a symbol of Clinton's funny side as the face of the Texts From Hillary meme, which she said had given her 'many LOLZ' - but fell out of favor this week.



Anonymous said...

She's now on the slippery slope -- look out below.

Anonymous said...

She's not interested in any wrong doing she has been accused of.
All of this is just her and obamas strategy for him to have a 3rd term.
I don't know if you have noticed or put the simple puzzle together.
I did mention this to my friends more than a year ago.
The public doesn't care what she does and to take it a step further , they don't care what Obama does.
Most of the public can't remember or just don't know how this nation was formed.
It's just about over folks , good luck to all , hate to paint a dismal picture , but it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

We've already seen the dumbocrats disdain for being required to abide by a set of rules for commoners!

The only reason she is answering any of these issues is that she is planning to run for Oweblama 3.0.

Too bad her campaign had to start like this!

If she's elected, we're doomed!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the public in general allows liberal thinking to control our schools and shape our children's minds. They don't want them to learn the truth about our nation's history and formation of our government so they've dumbed down to the point of not caring and electing commies like obama and reid and pelosi.

Anonymous said...

You still miss the bigger picture.

Who is it they serve? The answers are in plain sight. It doesn't matter who runs this Country's Government.

Just look at our Presidential hopefuls and who they all are linked to... every one of them has a Jesuit background and ALL of them are playing a role in existential wranglings with ideas that are diverse and conflicting ..and impossible to chart.

When there should only be one answer when facing such a threat.

Anonymous said...

The clintons are just foul people, perverse and vulgar, the epitome of white trash.
Nothing spoke louder than when the video of her surfaced laughing over a client she had who had brutally sexually molested a child. Client or not child perverts are never a matter to laugh over. She showed her true colors and anyone who would ever support her is a very sick disturbed person themselves.
But the stupid democrat voters will support her because if you are a democrat you are void of any morals whatsoever.

Concerned Retiree said...

All of you have it wrong, totally. She is operating her hidden business.
PHONE SEX for the same sex, her benefit and drumming up young ones for Billy Boy.
That is why she is wearing her Monica disguise.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no reason why she should ever be elected. People you have got to remember all the lies she has told and keeps telling when election time rolls around. She should never be allowed to enter the white house again, ever.

Anonymous said...

8:41's assertion is inaccurate; it's broad brush and factually wrong.