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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lawmaker Ordered To Stay Away From Daughter; Moved Off Judiciary Committee

A Maryland legislator has agreed to a protective order that will prevent him from contacting his adult daughter for one year.

Democratic Delegate Hasan "Jay" Jalisi of Baltimore County agreed Monday to the terms of the protective order - without acknowledging any wrongdoing.

Court documents show Jalisi's daughter, 18-year-old Alizay Jalisi, applied for the protective order after her father allegedly slapped her late last month during an argument. He was not criminally charged in the case.



Anonymous said...

Muslims will be Muslims.

Anonymous said...

9:09 Yeah, I bet zero christians ever hit their children... IDIOT.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true liberal! !

Anonymous said...

this creep has to go.. if the usual suspects provide cover for him ..they need to go too.

Anonymous said...

12:42 You're so naive it's funny.
Your so liberal it's even funnier!
"gotta defend the lowlife muslim child abusers and accuse Christians".
Child and woman abuse is WRITTEN in the Koran you liberal ninny! LOL.
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