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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

President Slaps Sanctions on Venezuela

America is playing hard ball against Venezuela.

The White House announced sanctions against seven prominent Venezuelan officials Monday in response to the South American government's increasingly violent actions.

These Venezuelan military and intelligence officials are banned from visiting the U.S., and their American assets -- bank accounts, mortgages -- are now frozen. A Treasury Department official would not confirm if any of the officials had assets in the U.S., but said there was a 10-day time period to report them to the Treasury.

American businesses, of which there are many in Venezuela, can't talk to the sanctioned officials either.



Steve said...

This is not right... I smell many rats here that are being kept hidden...

Anonymous said...

Amazing how tough he can get when the offending country isn't muslim.

Anonymous said...

Lets wait for 10 days.

Anonymous said...

That Mr. President Obama is so vicious! That savage! All said with my best flamer lisp!

Anonymous said...

Hard ball ? you've got to be kidding!!
This president doesn't know what hard ball is.
Oh yeh , he's gonna hit them with his purse!