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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Walker Says WI Right-To-Work Law Wasn't His Idea

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said legislation that will weaken labor unions and burnish his image as a Republican presidential candidate wasn’t his brainchild.

At a bill-signing Monday, Walker said the push for the right-to-work bill, passed last week by the legislature, came from lawmakers themselves.

“Our leaders here led,” Walker, 47, said during a ceremony in Brown Deer, Wisconsin. “It was the leadership you see here who drove the train on this.”

The measure allows employees in union workplaces to opt out of dues and membership. Wisconsin becomes the 25th U.S. state to enact such a law, joining neighbors Iowa, Indiana and Michigan.

Before Walker’s November re-election, he’d said that he didn’t expect right-to-work to be taken up this legislative session, even calling it a “distraction.” After the Republican-controlled legislature began moving the bill, saying it would draw business, Walker said he’d sign it.

The signing was held at Badger Meter Inc., a suburban Milwaukee manufacturer of flow measurement and control technology. Chief Executive Officer Rich Meeusen last week threatened to move jobs from the state if the legislation didn’t pass.

“This is one more tool that will help grow good-paying, family-supporting jobs here in the state of Wisconsin,” Walker said. “It’s a huge incentive.”

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Anonymous said...

We need that in Maryland. The teachers union is out of control. They spent millions getting libtards elected in Maryland and now want to backtrack on common core and parcc testing. They used teachers money to get the people elected that implemented these ridiculous programs.

Anonymous said...

No worker in Maryland should be FORCED to pay a union. But that is the teacher union's plan. Yes MSEA I am talking about you. Under O'Malley the MSEA was able to get legislation passed that would require all teachers to pay the MSEA whether they want to or not. Hogan, please repeal the Fair Share Act!

Anonymous said...

I would rather sleep in the woods, drink my own urine and eat bugs than have to join a union.

Anonymous said...

Please tell your representatives to repeal the fair share act. I do not want to have to pay $600 a year so they can get richer and support more democrats that are destroying our schools