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Friday, October 24, 2014

ICYMI: WBAL Article: Latest poll shows 1-point gap between Hogan and Brown; Hogan leads among independents, moderates

ANNAPOLIS, MD – October 23, 2014 – A new poll conducted by Wilson Perkins Allen Research and reported on by WBAL TV in Baltimore shows Larry Hogan just a single point behind Lt. Governor Anthony Brown in the race for Maryland's next governor.

"New poll shows close race

According to a new 500-person poll by Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research, which was done on behalf of Hogan for Governor, Hogan is only trailing Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown by 1 percent overall.

When it comes to likely voters who have heard of both candidates, Hogan has a 4 percent lead. According to the poll, of likely voters who have an opinion on both candidates, Hogan has an 11 percent lead.

The poll showed that Hogan has a 14-point lead among Independents and a 6-point lead among moderates.

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Anonymous said...

Wow if we could just get the Repubs to the voting booth we can beat this incompetent Lt Governor

Anonymous said...

I can't believe its that much. It should be a landslide for Hogan.

Anonymous said...

Come on Democrats do the right thing and vote for Hogan and pray he can repair the damage that Governor O'Dumbass and Brown have done to the Great State of Maryland!

Anonymous said...

1:04 - yes, I don't get it either. Brown has nothing to offer, other than not being white.

Anonymous said...

Brown ..He is toast

Anonymous said...

Half of the electorate have been bought with borrowed money.

Both political parties are controlled by the Jewish Bankers.

No matter who wins, we lose.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately 1:57, not being white is all it takes for the useful idiots, and Md. has more than it's share of those.