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Friday, October 24, 2014

Resort To Look Into Homeless On Boardwalk Concerns; Changes Only Likely If Laws Being Broken

OCEAN CITY – The issue of the homeless sleeping at the Caroline Street Comfort Station and in others areas of the Boardwalk surfaced this week and at least one elected official thinks a city law may need to be tweaked to address the recent trend.

During Monday evening’s Mayor and City Council meeting, Council Secretary Mary Knight asked the Police Commission to look into establishing an ordinance that would forbid sleeping on the benches on the Boardwalk in addition to the current one prohibiting sleeping on the beach.

“I have noticed recently on the Boardwalk in the early hours around 6 a.m. there has been a lot more folks sleeping on benches. I know we have an ordinance in place that you’re not allowed to sleep overnight on the beach. I would really hope that during the next meeting you could look at also having an ordinance that would include not being allowed to sleep on a bench, because it is kind of disruptive being in front of the rest station, and it is just something that I don’t think Ocean City really would want seen up there,” Knight said.


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Anonymous said...

This must be part of Ocean City's master plan to rid the town of the people that used to visit. Advertise in regional inner-cities to flood the summer season with every thug not in prison, then let the homeless run rampant in the winter. Pretty soon, it'll be "Salisbury-by-the-Sea." If Pollit, Conway, and Mathias lose their jobs, they can surely resurrect their careers down here and help the mayor and council complete their conversion of this once-pristine beach town into the armpit of the East Coast.