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Friday, October 24, 2014

“No Refusal” Blood Draw Checkpoint Planned for Ohio

Controversial procedure considered a 4th amendment violation by some

A “no refusal” checkpoint where drivers will be forced to stop and potentially submit to having their blood taken on the side of the road by law enforcement authorities is planned for Clark County, Ohio tomorrow.

“Every car will be checked to ensure that drivers are not impaired. If there is sufficient probable cause to believe that a driver is operating a vehicle while impaired, law enforcement will seek a blood search warrant from a “neutral and detached magistrate,” reports ABC 22.

The time and location of the checkpoint will not be released until hours before it is set to begin.

Once a search warrant is obtained, a nurse will draw blood to check for alcohol or drugs. It is not specified whether the blood draws will take place on the side of the road or at a nearby jail.

Although the practice of taking blood from motorists suspected of being under the influence has been the law in numerous states for years, many remain unaware of how those who refuse to consent to the procedure are treated.

Last year we highlighted shocking video footage out of Georgia which showed police officers forcibly strapping down citizens accused of drunk driving before putting them in a headlock and having a nurse draw blood.

As the clip shows, even compliant individuals who are showing zero resistance have their heads forcibly pushed down as the blood is taken.



Anonymous said...

You can just take me directly to jail then. No way am I letting some traffic cop take my blood on the side of the highway. BS

Anonymous said...

That's a tough one. Although I DESPISE IMPAIRED DRIVERS I'm not sure if I can agree to this enforcement measure.

Anonymous said...

This needs to be done to those receiving SNAP, free rent, Obamaphones, disability and so on. If they refuse then they don't taxpayer dollars.

Taxpayers have to work for their money, the freeloaders should have to do this for the taxpayer dollars they receive.

All veterans are excluded from this rule!!

Anonymous said...

that's BS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everyone should avoid driving in that area completely!

As much as I despise what they do on a regular basis, the ACLU and other like organizations need to get involved to get a cease-and-desist order!

Anonymous said...

It truly is time to fight back against our 'out of control' governments. Militias need to be formed, in all states and counties, and be ready to react and defend citizens against these tyrannical and terrorist acts by government and law enforcement. There is absolutely no reason to take this as far as it has been and there is obviously a hidden agenda behind such activities.

Anonymous said...

Harrah for the guy that is running around in the woods after killing a state trooper, he got this done to him a few years ago. This is why he hates cops and want to kill them all.

Anonymous said...

Ohio has a republican governor who supports these tactics.
Vote democratic, vote for your rights.

ginn said...

The point here is that no one should be supportive of such Nazi actions. This is as Hitleresque as it could possibly get here in America. One envisions Eduard Wirths, Aribert Heim, Carl Værnet & Josef Mengele supported by black uniformed SS. And, the judges among this “neutral and detached magistrate,” should be rounded up and hanged as traitors.
Jim Marrs swears that the Nazis are still alive and in fact did collect and regroup within the US after WWII. And, this is just one more aspect of gov't sanctioned LE overstep that shows the man does have a valid point.

Anonymous said...

Good, don't drink and drive.

Anonymous said...

5:54 your a fool did nt read ..inocent compliers were treated like shit..and they still get your DNA...oh yea i know its for the children. ..useful idiot

Anonymous said...

You will get yours sooner or later.

People who are ignorant about Tyranny will learn eventually what it really is!

Anonymous said...

The chickens have come home to roost.

Our Government treats people this way in country after country. Our military personnel have no honor. They are criminals working for a criminal government.

Now we will all be hen pecked.