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Friday, October 24, 2014

Wal-Mart Employees Respond To Health Cuts

The recent news of Wal-Mart ending health coverage for part-time employees was dwarfed only by Ebola, ISIS and possibly election coverage in the headlines, but the employees who spoke to Ocean City Today on condition of anonymity either didn’t care, didn’t know or weren’t eligible for benefits in the first place.

Wal-Mart announced on Oct. 7 through its official blog that it would be joining retailers such as Target, Home Depot, Walgreens and Trader Joe’s in reducing benefits to part-time employees who work less than 30 hours per week, which will affect about two percent of their 1.3 million employees.

“They didn’t tell me anything about that,” said Steve R., “what they did tell me was that I was supposed to be in maintenance but as you can see I’m out here pushing carts. I’m going to get Medicare anyway because [Wal-Mart] takes all the chips and gives me none.”



Anonymous said...

What's the big deal, they have a job, suck it up!

Anonymous said...

Ann Walton donates 317 million to an art museum in Arkansas but it would be too much of a strain to provide healthcare for it's employees.
Feeling sick? Go look at some art.

Anonymous said...

The big deal 7:34 is that you and I will be paying for their insurance soon. That's if you work and pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

From the article in OC Today: "Everyone should have insurance and everyone should have the ability to get insurance."

They do have the ability and they are required to have insurance. That was the whole reason behind O'care. Suck it up you're the idiots that voted him in.

7:34 I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

9:03 That is exactly what these minimum wage corporations are teaching their employees. Go get it from the government. Saves them money and puts it on the back of everyone else.