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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wicomico Executive's Fitness Council September Award Winner

On Tuesday, September 9, 2014 the Wicomico Executive’s Fitness Council announced that an 86-year old retiree, Mr. Bob Carter of Salisbury, received this month’s Award of Excellence in recognition of his long-time commitment to nutrition and exercise.

“Exercise has increased my self-confidence and allowed me to face other challenges in life,” said Carter on the benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle. Just last month, he completed a 4-day, 106-mile bike tour to Cape Charles.

Besides being an avid cyclist, Bob enjoys weight training at the Richard A. Henson Family YMCA. He manages two intense weight training work-outs per week and enjoys bicycling the rest of the week. His trainer, Dan Davis, says of Carter “he just keeps getting better every day.”

After a serious biking accident in April 2013, Bob was cautioned not to return to the sport. But self-determination won out and Carter eased back in by taking Spin classes at the YMCA. He credits his daughter Susan, “the cheerleader,” for the motivation to keep going.

Carter said, “I wouldn’t be here if not for my daughter Susan. She gives me all the support I need.” Now Bob is poised to qualify for the National Senior Games in cycling to be held in Minneapolis July 2015.

“Don’t ever get discouraged even on bad days,” Bob continued, “Commit to your goals and push through adversit

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