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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dad Makes Son Hold 'I Hit Little Girls' Sign: Did Dad Go Too Far Humiliating Son In Public?

A teaching moment for one local father turns into custody dispute. The child is currently with is mother, who is not letting the child go back to his father, after he made the four year old child hold an embarrassing sign in public.

“Honestly I just wanted to do what I felt was right for my son.” said Rob Devine.

Devine says his four year old son Tristan had been getting in trouble at school for repeatedly hitting his female classmates.

When talking to Tristan and taking his games away didn’t work, Devine decided to get creative. So he and his son stood along a busy street near their home for about an hour, holding a sign that reads “I hit little girls.”



Anonymous said...

This is more about the father wanting to prove he's a good Dad and getting some face time.

Anonymous said...

Good for the father for teaching his kid to take responsibility more parents need to do that.

Anonymous said...

And the father's punishment should be having to stand on a corner with a sign saying "I publicly embarrass and psychologically abuse my little boy and his self esteem"

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a dad that loves his son. It's his job to raise his children his way. I'm sure the young man learned a lesson he won't forget.

Anonymous said...

@9:54 so what would you do in that situation? Talking didn't work - taking things away didn't work - TIME OUT doesn't work! He didn't hit the child! So what do you do? What is the proper thing to do when you have an OUT OF CONTROL CHILD???? Throw your hands up and say good job buddy? That is what most parents do these days! Raising children is HARD WORK people! DEAL WITH IT!

Anonymous said...

9:54 "psychologically abuse"

You're an idiot. I hope you have not bred.

Anonymous said...

2:46 PM: Too bad. I'm sure you must be disappointed. Not only have I bred, but I have raised two children that are adults with college degrees and successful at good jobs right out of college. And none of their upbringing involved public humiliation or corporal punishment. Were they perfect? No. But public humiliation is not an appropriate tool for a child's behavior modification. That boy is only four years old! It does more harm than good when a poorly qualified parent resorts to such tactics in their power struggle with their child. And that is all that parent was doing, trying to impose his will on the child, regardless of the harm to the child.

The outcome with your ill bred, beaten, and humiliated kids is probably much different than mine if you subscribe to the notion that what that dad did is a loving, or correct act.

Anonymous said...

12:28: Dad's learning a lesson he'll never forget, also. "The child is currently with is mother, who is not letting the child go back to his father, after he made the four year old child hold an embarrassing sign in public." Or didn't you read that part?