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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Iowa Dems: Hillary Too Tied to Cronyism, 'Malleable' like Romney

Young Iowa Democrats still associate Hillary Clinton with crony capitalism nearly seven years after progressive Iowans rejected her for Barack Obama.

Before Clinton returned to the state on Sunday for the first time since 2008, MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell interviewed young Iowa Democrats for "Meet the Press."

A law student told Mitchell that he was looking for someone more liberal than Clinton who talks about "income inequality." He said Clinton is "malleable" like Romney, which often is shorthand for standing for nothing except for getting elected.

Mitchell then asked another young liberal Iowan what came to mind when Hillary Clinton is mentioned.

"A politician, a woman, a president?" Mitchell asked.

Carla, the young woman who works at a non-profit organization, basically said none of the above and rejected Mitchell's leading question. To her, Clinton represented cronyism.


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Anonymous said...

The name Clinton in politics stands for: Liar/Crook