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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Obama Admin 'Living in a Delusion'

NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel accused the Obama administration of talking to itself and “living in a delusion” in its strategy to combat ISIS on Monday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC.

“The hard part is when you have to actually do the fighting and figure out who is going to take the ground, what is the role of Iran, what is the role of Syria. And if you also look at those thirty countries you mentioned who are in Paris, they are discussing the future of Iraq and Syria, really because ISIS spans both sides of the border. But Syria isn’t there. Iran isn’t there. And both of these countries have an enormous amount of influence, Syria having the most influence in its own country. So, to be planning the future of this action without talking to key players seems like it's, you’re really talking to yourself” he stated.


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Anonymous said...

The smart move is what the CIA used to do routinely. Kill a few of the important hierarchy of one country and make it appear that the killers were from another faction or country. They've been fighting since the beginning of time and if their hate ever stops for America, they'll go back to fighting each other. That's the simple solution.