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Wednesday, July 09, 2014


(Salisbury, MD) - Stop the Violence (STV) in Salisbury received a mini-grant from the Cigarette Restitution Fund through the Wicomico County Health Department to assist in their effort to educate children and youth on the dangers of smoking.  As part of the mini-grant, a poster contest was open to all Stop the Violence participants grades K through 12, as well as 18-21 year old Stop the Violence participants.

The poster design and tobacco free messages were developed completely by the participants.  Children/youth could choose to educate about the dangers of second hand smoke, peer pressure to smoke, the 4000+ chemicals in cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, or the dangers of E-Cigarettes, etc. 

The art was judged on creativity, originality and the tobacco free messages included, with three top winners’ artwork placed on a digital billboard on Route 13 in Eden.
“Congratulations to the top three artists.  We are proud to prominently display your tobacco free messages and art,” says Lori Brewster, Health Officer for Wicomico County.
·                     Elementary first place winner:  Tyteona Davis
·                     Elementary second place winner: Love Thomas
·                     Middle school winner:  TreVontae

Honorable mention awards were also given to Earl Hodges, Se’yanie, and Major Richardson.


Anonymous said...

Great work to all the children who put their time and effort into this! My only question is Why EDEN? Why isn't this billboard going to be displayed in SALISBURY, where the Center is located? It would be nice for the children who won to actually be able to see their work displayed!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry maybe I am stupid but when did Smoking become VIOLENCE? Stop the Violence should make an effort to STOP THE DRUGS that CAUSE VIOLENCE!!!! STOP THE ALCOHOL that leads to VIOLENCE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How nice.. CIGS VIOLENT? Oh thats right GOTTA think like a libtard gun nut.....CIGS kill not the buffon puffing on it....Poster should read STOP THE LIBTARDED MADNESS SCHOOL VOUCHERS NOW ...if you stop giving out welfare to single family baby factories..then maybe kids would be raised in the proper environments..repeat with me NO violent GANGS in salisbury

Anonymous said...

Funny how I've yet to see a PAID advertiser on these new electronic billboards.