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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Montgomery County Council Calls On State To Decriminalize Marijuana

The Montgomery County Council unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday morning calling on the Maryland General Assembly to further relax its marijuana laws.

In April, Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) signed a bill lessening the penalty for possessing less than ten grams of marijuana from a criminal to civil offense. Under the new legislation, first-time offenders now receive a $100 fine. Second-time offenders net a fine of up to $250. Those caught three or more times can be fined up to $500. The newly-established law also requires third-time offenders, and those under the age of 21, to enroll in drug education classes.

The progressive law, however, did not include the term "paraphernalia" in its language. In turn, police across the Free State continue to arrest people for possessing items like pipes and bongs. Montgomery County Councilwoman Nancy Navarro (D-Mid-County) sponsored Tuesday's resolution, in part, hoping state lawmakers would amend the current law.



Anonymous said...

Yeah for Montgomery County!!

Anonymous said...

By all means let's continue to encourage impairment by potheads.

Clearly, as shown by numerous busts, weed and harder drugs are never found or used together.

Cigarettes = Bad
Weed smoking = No problem

Our elected officials have just completely lost their grip when they advocate for loosening weed when all other substances are being tightened!

Anonymous said...

Montgomery County,aka Moscow on the Potomac.

mack said...

I have been saying for a long time that the State Of Md. should make it legal like Colorado did and tax it to the max like Colorado did and get rid of the Maryland Personal Tax Rate and we can have Md tax free on our checks. And it would create thousands of good paying jobs that we need so badly in this failing state. BUT most important that need to write in BLOOD that the money raised from taxes on pot would ONLY be used to eliminate the Md personal tax ONLY.
But I guess this would make too much sense for the JERKS in Annapolis.

Anonymous said...

5:48 I agree, too bad our country wasn't founded on individual liberties, oh yes it was! However current leaders don't believe our country was founded on common sense! Can't have any of that.