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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Long Wait Times in California ERs Blamed on Obamacare

Fewer doctors accept Obamacare policies than had been anticipated

Patients heading to many California emergency rooms can expect to spend the better part of a workday waiting to see a doctor, thanks to the higher number of people using their Obamacare benefits in ERs rather than paying for visits to a primary doctor.

The average wait time for the state’s emergency rooms was already at more than five hours, according to a report from the California Healthcare Foundation last October, when Obamacare went live.

But now, doctors in California say more patients than ever are crowding into emergency rooms because far fewer doctors accept Obamacare policies than had been anticipated.



Tidewaterbound said...

When people go to the ER for PAPER CUTS, and try to bill Worker's Comp for it, get denied, and then decide to dispute the bill. (This was a TEACHER and WC howled with laughter over the attempted claim). The teacher wanted not only the medical reimbursement but was trying for DISABILITY. You have to KNOW there is something severely wrong in our world, there just is.

Anonymous said...

I'm no Obama supporter but come on, what ER in the world doesn't have a long wait time especially on weekends when all the emergancies happen?