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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Guess which U.S. right foreigners value most

'Without the 2nd Amendment, there are no other amendments'

As America celebrates the 238th anniversary of the Founding Fathers’ decision to break from Great Britain, an outsider is telling WND it’s clear what made the unlikely revolution possible, and successful.

An armed citizenry.

“If the colonists had not had the means of defending themselves they would never have been able to throw off the chains of tyranny and bring forth a new birth of freedom on the American continent,” said Nick Adams, an Australian celebrity who is coming out with the a book, “The American Boomerang.”

He comes from a perspective where an entire generation hasn’t had the freedom to protect themselves already.

He said many things about America are exceptional, but he singles out the Second Amendment and the preference for individual freedom over state control as unique circumstances.

“Without the Second Amendment, there are no other amendments: the rest of the Constitution is a recommendation,” he noted.


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Anonymous said...

It saved Cliven Bundy his cattle and his livelihood.