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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Rt 50 Into OC Still A Mess

There are a LOT of Saint's on the road today because let me tell you what, if I was subjected to sitting in the traffic hundreds of thousands of people are going through today I'd blow a gasket. 

I have no idea where people are going to park once they get into OC but one thing is for sure, O'Malley is loving life watching all these Tourons burn all that gas sitting and waiting.

As for the Mayor of Washington, D.C.. Hey you Idiot, I saw a LOT of D.C. tags heading East bound, SO SMOKE DIS!


Anonymous said...

Bumper to bumper traffic from the bay bridge to OC.

Anonymous said...

Parking: $50/day at the Inlet lot, $60/day on Baltimore avenue across from H2O. No hourly option, just the "all day" option. Every lot of every business you pass in the Town are full. They have buses galore for the hundreds of thousand visitor but they only hold about 40 passengers each. The nightly homeless guests at the south transit riders will be hard pressed to get a good night's sleep with the influx of so much noise and people.

I think I'll stay home and watch the webcams monitoring all the illegals (sic) running across the border.

Anonymous said...

D.C. idiots can afford to pay , they are mostly druggies that O'Malley supports .

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the tolls on the bridge. mom must be orgasmic.

Anonymous said...

Y'all can hate on these visitors all you want, but a fair amount of the economy is indirectly related to the existence of OC and therefore route 50!

Complaining while simultaneously leeching... the Eastern Shore Way!

Anonymous said...

You can park in my yard in Salisbury for $50 and take a cab to O.C. !

Anonymous said...

"Complaining while simultaneously leeching... the Eastern Shore Way!"

You can pack sand, 7:53. I would gladly trade the infrastructure expenses for all the economic benefits we supposedly glean from this influx of idiots. And where do you call home? Seems to be an overabundance of arrogance and ignorance around there.