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Saturday, July 05, 2014

So This Is How the Left Celebrated the Fourth in Minneapolis

Fireworks bring a lot of noise and mess — why can’t we just talk instead?

That seemed to be the attitude of Minneapolis liberals, who presented an alternative to traditional Fourth of July celebrations on Friday.

After 122 years of Independence Day fireworks at Powderhorn Park, community organizers ditched the pyrotechnics because last year the crowd of 20,000 had been too rowdy, the Minneapolis StarTribune reported.



Anonymous said...

What is the point of celebrating our country by negatively impacting the land of the free?

Anonymous said...

according to one of the latest polls; dems and libs aren't too fond of America. I say go live somewhere else. somewhere more to your liking and leave us long.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we can just talk instead. We do it every election.

Oh, wait, no we don't. We battle more than talk. Libs call racist, and GOP calls spending.Both are wrong.

Talk never happens, but independents know the proper solutions.

Unfortunately, No one ever votes for their own Independence, and continue their enslavement to the GOP/DEM machine.

I am ashamed of the "Countrymen" I walk among every day.