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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Romney Builds Cash Edge Over Obama As Conventions Near

Presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his Republican allies entered August, and the final weeks before the national conventions, with more money to spend than President Barack Obama and the Democrats.

Romney, the Republican National Committee and two allied super-political action committees reported a combined bank account balance of $169 million on July 31. That compared with $107 million for the president, the Democratic National Committee and the pro-Obama Priorities USA Action. The figures are based on disclosures filed yesterday with the Federal Election Commission.



Anonymous said...

It doesn't make a bit of difference about the Romney money.
The Middle East Muslim nations will supply obamie with any thing he needs.

Anonymous said...

So, disclosed is close to $300,000,000 to go after a job that over 4 years pays $1,600,000. No graft or corruption here. Just look over there at the other side, folks, it's their fault.

Anonymous said...

bo didn't disclose his money, open though his admin. is.