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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Come On, Really?

This picture doesn't give this situation justice but allow me to try and explain.

Again, along Rt. 50 at the Perdue Plant there's a FIVE ft. tall fence, (NOT 6 ft.). Much of it is falling into the walkway and much of the barbed wiring on the top of it has been crushed down from people obviously scaling the fence in certain areas.

So the first thing you have to wonder is, how's it working for you, security wise? The trees have matured enough you could climb one in a heartbeat and easily scale the fence.

What also bothered me id the 5 ft height to the fence and then the barbed wire angling over the sidewalk. To make it worse, many of their inside vehicles have backed into the fence over the years interfering onto the sidewalk AND lowering the barbed wire.

Open your eyes Mayor Ireton. Take a walk around Salisbury. At least try to ACT like a Mayor who gives a darned and so something, other than Press Conferences.


Anonymous said...

All along RT 13 and 50 and all over the city our community looks like a dump and has for years, and it will take more than a new mayor to change things. Terry Cohen once said if the laws we have aren't enforced what difference does it make. Listen Code & Compliance.

Anonymous said...

your the man joe, go get em!

Anonymous said...

Ireton hasn't the stones to get after Perdue. Sure glad that you do Joe. Don't let this rest or let Perdue turn you away by threats about your upcoming election run.

Anonymous said...

The problem with code and compliance is their not going to go after the good ole boys.

Anonymous said...

Perdue would fix it if asked, and probably will do so now as a result of this fine reporting.

Anonymous said...

Some folks are more valuable on the outside pointing at the corruption for the rest of us to see.

Anonymous said...


Perdue will be gone and the plant closed or sold within 5 years tops, probably just 2-3 years.