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Thursday, August 23, 2012

President Obama Seems Desperate, Would You Agree?

From: Barack Obama
To: Joe Albero
Date: Thu, Aug 23, 2012 10:51 am

Joe --

It's August 23rd. And 75 days from now, I'll either be looking at another four years in the White House -- or the end of this opportunity.

I know what's at stake for the parents worrying about health care, the kids who need help to go to college, and the seniors who want a secure retirement.

But we're getting outspent by wide margins in critical battleground states -- and what we do about that today could be the difference between winning and losing on November 6th.

So as we near one of the last fundraising deadlines of this campaign, I'm asking you to pitch in $3 right now:

Thanks for all you do,


Dear Barack,

While it isn't easy running an on line news source, I'm glad you enjoy it. We try to tell it like it is and quite frankly not many around these parts are anywhere near happy with you. They like your free cell phone at taxpayers expense. Heck, even yesterday they had one of your vehicles over by the court house giving out those phones again.

As you know, I'll be running for Mayor of Salisbury, Maryland and that too will be a huge undertaking. You don't see me reaching out to YOU for money though.

To be completely honest with you, Romney hasn't contacted me once for a penny. Yet he's got your camp running scared?


Joe Albero

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Anonymous said...

I thought ir was illeagal to panhandle. Oh yea, if you never had a real job I guess begging is considered work.