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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Obama Campaign's Spending Outpaces Its Fundraising

WASHINGTON – As Election Day approaches, President Obama is burning through campaign money faster than he can collect it — exceeding his spending pace at this stage of the 2008 contest as he expands his field operation and trades combative ads on the airwaves with Republican rival Mitt Romney.

Last month alone, Obama spent nearly $59 million through his main campaign account — $10 million more than he raised, financial reports filed late Monday afternoon show. The cost of his campaign so far: more than $325 million, not counting spending by the the Democratic Party committees aiding his re-election.

By contrast, President Bush had spent $205.4 million to retain the White House at this point in the 2004 election.



Anonymous said...

which is what he has done nationwide and why our economy will collapse if he is reelected.

Anonymous said...

"So, the president is bankrupt?"
"Well, we knew that already! Morally!
No, he's a ten cent millionaire operating with an ever increasing deficit."
Geez, democrats can't even keep their own house in order.
How can we expect them to run a City, State or Federal Government.
Something has to go.

Anonymous said...

So who's paying for this crap? Make my words...he will stick the America people with his bill!

Anonymous said...

The headline says it all! He has no clue that if you spend more than you make, you go bankrupt! Someone will bail him out of this and he still won't get the message for that very reason. There is no "too big to fail" here. He has been doing this to the country for 4 years and if he is allowed another four, that's it for the economy.