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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Court: Former NFL Punter Eligible For Workers Comp.

Longtime-NFL punter Tom Tupa is eligible for workers compensation for a career-ending injury he suffered while warming up for a preseason game in 2005 at FedEx Field while playing for the Washington Redskins, Maryland's highest court ruled on Wednesday. The court rejected the idea that football injuries should not be considered accidental because of the rough nature of the sport.

Tupa's injury happened "out of and in the course of (his) employment," the Maryland Court of Appeals said in its 16-page opinion.



Anonymous said...

I will confess I know nothing about football, but wouldn't the corporation have insurance for this sort of thing? And why would my tax dollars go to paying worker's comp for playing football? I'm sorry, some will call it work, I call it playing a game at your own risk not mine.

Alex said...

Your tax dollars don't pay for workers' comp insurance. Each business buys their own comp policy.
You should invest your money in trying to become smarter instead.

Jim said...

Football is a job like any other and if hurt on the job I would think they would get paid. Many have contracts tho so that may get in the way in which they are paid.