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Friday, March 23, 2012

Delegate Mike McDermott Press Release 3-23-12

“Mr. Speaker, when I started out in politics, I asked how it was possible to keep raiding funds to balance our budget. The answer I received was that it wasn’t a ‘raid’ it was a transfer! This amendment is intended to keep the tax dollars collected for the Coastal and Chesapeake Bay funds intact. We are once again, allowing the raid on a fund that was intended to protect our most beloved natural resource.” said Delegate Mike McDermott (R-District 38B Lower Shore) regarding his amendment to the Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act (BRFA) that was on Second Reader today in the House. The BRFA is part of the yearly budget that determines the way governmental monies are spent and what, if any, new taxes are assessed.

“Transferring money away from something as precious as the Chesapeake Bay and our Coastal Bays is still a raid and I would consider this “transfer” akin to an act of piracy” explained Delegate McDermott whose amendment, if passed, would have kept $8 million in the Bay Fund instead of the General Fund. The BRFA requires the transfer of part of the monies garnered from the Maryland tax on gas to be transferred to the Bay Fund, as well as the General Fund. Delegate McDermott’s amendment would allow this trust fund to keep more of the money collected for the intended purpose.

“Every year we raid these funds, Mr. Speaker! It just isn’t right and it’s time we stand up and do what is right--keep the promises you make!” concluded McDermott.


Anonymous said...


According to Obama, O'Malley, Conway, Mathias, Pollitt and Ireton, there are no bank robberies -- just money being transferred at gunpoint.

Let's hope Mike M. and the Republicans in the General Assembly can stop the nonsense in Annapolis.

Anonymous said...

Finally!!!! someone to speak up and act against the thieves!!! Thank you Del McDermott!!!

More and more we need laws to protect us against the law makers!!

Anonymous said...

How can they even think of stealing the money for the Bay! It's one of our State's greatest assests. It's for everyone-boaters, fisherman, nature lovers.
Part of these funds are supposed to go to help people with failing septic systems and for septic upgrades and now they are even limiting (prioritizing is what "they" call it)that.
It's to the point that we should be asking, do these politicians even have a brain much less use it? It seems everyone but them, knows you can't keep stealing from Peter to pay Paul, because the well will run dry.

Anonymous said...

See? There's a reason that organized crime is organized. Now, what can we use the State Police pension fund for?

Anonymous said...

So the new flush tax increase will fill up the Chesapeake Bay Fund account so O'Malley can steal even MORE money for the "General Fun"

lmclain said...

maybe voting will's done SO much for us lately....