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Friday, March 23, 2012

Police To Drivers: Move Over Or Get Ticketed

The Maryland State Police are reminding drivers of the state's Move Over law after two law enforcement officers have been hit by drivers recently.

The law, which was enacted in October 2010, says motorists have to move to another lane if they can when emergency vehicles are working on the side of the road, including when an officer pulls over a driver for a traffic violation.

"The law requires drivers to move over and help create a barrier for police and firefighters. If traffic does not allow drivers to move over, it requires them to slow down," Trooper Thaddeus Allen said.


Anonymous said...

So a cop writing a ticket to make elected officials money is now considered an emergency?

Anonymous said...

I thought tickets were generated by a camera on a pole and wrote in another state.

Anonymous said...

8:44 If your child is a cop, you may see the seriousness of the issue. Appears to me if you are breaking the law and are stopped by a cop, you are making the elected officials the money....