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Friday, March 23, 2012

'Immigration Order' Comforts Latino Community

Order Seeks To Prevent Discrimination By Police, Other Agencies

-- An executive order prohibits Baltimore City agencies from asking about a person's immigration status, the mayor told a gathering of the city's Latino community Thursday night.

Mayor Stephanie Rawling-Blake presented her newly-signed executive order before a crowd that packed the Enoch-Pratt Library in southeast Baltimore. Rawlings-Blake answered questions about the order and listened to community members tell stories about their experiences with police officers.



Anonymous said...

Bull crappy.its like the census .everyone should know how many if who are commiting crimes.its called a demographic

Anonymous said...

So we are "handcuffing" the police by not allowing them to ask the questions they should be asking. Are you in this country legally, and prove it? If not, they are breaking the law, period. What are the police for - to arrest lawbreakers and keep us safe from them. Come on "Big Sexy" (mayor Rawling-Blake), get a grip!!!

Anonymous said...

That's no big thing,Baltimore city treats murderers the same way.