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Friday, March 23, 2012

FedEx To Pay Out $3 Million in Fines

FedEx will pay to settle claims that it broke contracting rules about discrimination. The shipping giant will dole out $3 million in back wages. The money will go to 22,000 people rejected for entry-level jobs in 15 states. FedEx also agreed to internal reforms aimed at preventing discrimination. That included new equal opportunity training and self-monitoring for compliance. The effected workers included African-Americans, Caucasians and Native Americans


Anonymous said...

This is another case of communist retaliation. Unlike UPS, Fed Ex is non union. That is why I use them exclusively for all my business shipping. They are a lot cheaper too because the communist unions don't run their business-those evil businessmen do and they do it well.

Anonymous said...

If they are guilty of discrimination, (and even whites got on the list this time, imagine that), it is a fine, not retaliation.

I'm not a fan of government either but I try to be accurate and factual with my criticism and other emotional responses.

I'm also not a fan of unions, but what does unions have to do with this case? Did I miss something? Please enlighten me.