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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Why There's an Increased Interest in Homeschooling

There’s a lot to dislike about many public schools—and right now, student safety is at the top of the list. “After a gunman opened fire on students in Parkland, Florida,” a new Washington Times feature explains, “the phones started ringing at the Texas Home School Coalition, and they haven’t stopped yet.”

Like so many state organizations, the Texas organization was used to a certain number of inquiries about homeschooling. President Tim Lambert says they usually averaged about 600 calls a month—a number he watched double over the past several weeks. “When the Parkland shooting happened, our phone calls and emails exploded. And they’re not alone.

“I think what happens with these school shootings is they’re the straws that broke the camel’s back,” Christopher Chin, the president of Homeschool Louisiana, told the Times. “I don’t think it’s the major decision-maker, but it’s in the back of parents’ minds.” In general, he thinks, the violence, bullying, and dangerous environment is tipping the decision for families, who were already sick of the lack of quality instruction and liberal indoctrination.

More families are angry about what their kids are learning—and they’re pulling their kids out of public school to prove it.



Anonymous said...

Maybe folks are just tired of their kids listening to the Progressive BS

Anonymous said...

I had my kids go to Seaford Christian during their elementary school years. It was the best decision we ever made. They learned good Christian values and were way ahead of the other kids when I could no longer afford the tuition and had to send them to middle school. If I could have, I would have kept them in private school.

If I have grandchildren, I will pay for their private school education. I don't want them to go through what my kids when through during those remaining school years. It will be money well spent. The public schools are a prison and a training ground for future criminals.

Anonymous said...

Most of you can't spell or use the correct words or grammar. Yeah, homeschooling gonna workout great.

Anonymous said...

11:11 you are a clueless have been indoctrinated and don't even realize it.

Home School is the Best. period!

Anonymous said...

3:14 I rest my case after reading your post.

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean ....homeschooling IS GOING to WORK OUT great?? You need to shut up, with all of your grammatical MISTAKES!