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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Why Liberals Are Mad That Conservatives Want to Exempt Some People From Work Requirements

Several states are considering exemptions from Medicaid work requirements that would disproportionately impact black and white people.

Since the Trump administration greenlit state governments in January to add work requirements to their Medicaid programs, many conservative states have seized on the opportunity. The concept of making work a requirement for people living in poverty to get free health insurance is a controversial one. But the exceptions to these work requirements are generating controversy of their own.

In Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio, Republicans -- who control the legislature in those states -- have proposed exempting counties with high unemployment from the work requirements.

Supporters argue that work requirements will incentivize people to get or stay employed and eventually stop using Medicaid. Generally speaking, the counties that would be relieved from the proposed exemptions lack jobs and public transportation.



Anonymous said...

I know of a guy who has aids..disability payments, food stamps/etc. but owns his own company and works every day??????he needs to stop living off us taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Turn him in if you're upset.

Anonymous said...

Liberals need to be exempt from Government work. That would most certainly make America great again!