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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Despite Farm Bill Fail, Advocates of Food Stamp Work Requirements Succeed Elsewhere

The House voted against the legislation on Friday. But some of the ideas behind it have seen success in the states.

The farm bill, which included substantial changes to food stamps, failed in the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday.

The legislation, crafted by Republicans on the House Agriculture Committee, would have imposed stricter work requirements on more food stamp applicants and eliminated options that states have to expand or ease eligibility rules. It also would have invested about 10 times more money per year in workforce training programs.

The bill’s defeat may spell the end of any serious effort to make major changes to federal anti-poverty programs through legislation in 2018. But there’s still one place where advocates of stricter eligibility requirements are likely to have some success: states.


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Anonymous said...

Time to shine some light on these Republicans that would rather knell than to stand with Trump on this farm bill. Voters are fed up on squandering tax dollars to those in need to purchase their own dietary food supplies. I am not picking on them, just look at reality, they need dietary help and save them from their choice of foods. Many suffer from morbid obesity that ultimately effects their health. So can we hope for list of those Republicans who voted against this legislation. Time to hold them accountable for every vote.