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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Governor Larry Hogan Announces $80 Million in Higher Education Scholarships for 2018-2019 Academic Award Year

Scholarships Will Help 38,000 Students Attend Post-Secondary Institutions

Governor Larry Hogan today announced that the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) has awarded more than $80 million to nearly 38,000 students to attend one of Maryland’s post-secondary institutions.

“Working to make higher education affordable and accessible for as many Maryland students as possible is one of our top priorities,” said Governor Hogan. “Each dollar we provide to our students for their education is an investment in our economy and our state's future. As we continue to expand access to education, we strengthen our workforce and help both Maryland citizens and businesses grow and succeed.”

The money, which will be used by students in the 2018-2019 academic year, comes from the Howard P. Rawlings Educational Excellence Awards (EEA) Program, comprised of the Educational Assistance (EA) Grant and Guaranteed Access (GA) Grant programs.

“The EEA program is the state’s largest need-based aid program, providing financial assistance to Maryland students with the greatest financial need,” said MHEC Secretary Dr. James D. Fielder. “This is an excellent example of how, under Governor Hogan’s leadership, we are able to increase student access and success with less debt.”

Of the 38,000 awardees, 1,650 students received an award that covers 100 percent of their financial need, with a maximum award amount up to $18,600.

Grant and scholarship awards in other programs will be announced as they are awarded by OSFA during mid- to late-summer. Each year, OSFA is responsible for granting awards to more than 60,000 students in state grant and scholarship programs with a total expenditure of more than $105 million.

Since taking office, the Hogan administration has invested more than $7.1 billion in higher education and for the past three years has worked with Maryland’s public colleges and universities to cap tuition growth at two percent for Maryland residents at these schools.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like another photo-op for ol'Larry.

Anonymous said...

More evidence that Larry Hogan is a Democrat.

I hope we have someone decent to run against Carl Anderton and RINO's like Larry Hogan in 2022.

Anonymous said...

needs based what f'n bs is that? my wife and i played by the rules, stayed married and actually work so my kid won't qualify. however the dam shithole state of md don't mind robbing me of my wages to pay for some pos adult who never should have had kids and certainly cant provide for them so we all get f'd!
Yeah thanks Larry! piss off!
State of georgia keep a "b" average college is free!

Anonymous said...

Puts all this money in higher education and gives away "free" 4 year community college, but REFUSES to pay back money stole from State Employee Retirement Fund with interest. We need a true Republican to run in the next election not a chameleon Democrat.