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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Analysis: There is a Meth Crisis in America

And most of it is coming from across the border

Methamphetamine overdose deaths have skyrocketed in the past decade, hitting numbers unheard of during the mid-2000s meth epidemic as tens of thousands of pounds of the drug flow across the southwest border.

An analysis conducted by the Free Beacon, based on publicly available data, shows that meth-associated overdose deaths rose more than 450 percent between 2008—the trough of the last meth crisis—and 2016. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Free Beacon's analysis, that spike was instigated not by domestically produced meth, but by a surge of amphetamines trafficked by Mexican cartels into the United States.
Yes, Meth is Back

Many Americans think of meth as a thing of the past, an early-2000s craze that gave way to thecurrent opioid epidemic. Indeed, the number of meth overdose deaths began to spike in 2001, rising continuously until 2005.



Anonymous said...

Analysis: There is a Meth Crisis in America

Wait?? I thought there was an Opioid crisis in America??

Anonymous said...

An insidious drug.
Very difficult to stop using it once one starts in earnest.

Anonymous said...

Meth is just like AID's, it is brought on the population as a way of killing off the lowest people of society.
It is the natural way of life, the weak, or weak minded, corrupted, degenerates have to be eliminated for a society to advance.
This is how God cleans up the world, since he promised not to flood it again.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, another "crisis". Is anyone looking behind these "crisis" to see if there is a crisis behind the "crisis"?

Their playbook hasn't changed. Throw a crisis or a war at the American people and they forget everything else. Meanwhile, whatever shady happenings are happening, they go right under American's noses.

I have never believed there was/is an opioid crisis, at least not the way they describe it. The opioid crisis has nothing to do with what's in a medicine bottle. It's these junkies od'ing on illegally gotten drugs, which the gov't even includes heroin when they tally opioid deaths pertaining to pain pills.

Their "crisis" is Fentanyl and Carfentinal. China ships that over here to anyone who has the money. I found shippers of this poison a year or two ago when I looked into it. That stuff is bad news period.

But instead of doubling down on these shipments, they go after doctors who prescribe pain medication to patients who need it. They treat all of us like we are junkies, pill seekers, fakers, second class citizens.

They have to look like they are doing "something" so they don't lose their jobs. While destroying other peoples lives and putting patients in more agony by cutting back on their medicine or stopping prescribing it altogether.

Then, guess what? Unable to get their legal medicine, they turn to street drugs, and sometimes the very drugs that are the real cause of a "crisis". They perpetuate the very crisis they pretend to be combatting.