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Monday, August 07, 2017

Pruden: Lawyers, witches, broomsticks, and the swamp

There’s new news that Robert Mueller has expanded his investigation again into Whatever, and has empaneled a grand jury to indict someone once he and his team of expensive lawyers can find someone to indict.

He already has one grand jury at the ready in Alexandria, empaneled months ago to pursue Michael Flynn, the first national security adviser to the president, but that’s across the Potomac 10 miles away and the traffic in Washington is so fatiguing. Besides, the good restaurants are north of the river, and you can’t expect a $500-an-hour lawyer take lunch in a down-market restaurant without a white cloth on the table.

The new grand jury, which has been at work for weeks, is evidence that Mr. Mueller means business, or at least the business of handing out rich clients to lawyers who need one that can keep on giving for a long time. Mr. Mueller was originally charged with investigating whether the Russians tried to cook the 2016 presidential election with the collusion of Donald Trump or his campaign. Others have tried to find evidence of such wrongdoing, and so far as anyone knows they all failed.

But hope springs eternal in the breasts of the good, the persistent and the piously partisan.

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Anonymous said...

Special prosecutors should not be given the power to go on a witch hunt they should be limited to a very narrow area of investigation on one particular subject.