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Monday, August 07, 2017

Police/Courts Aug. 7, 2017

DUI crash
Charles Jerread, 66, of Whaleyville was arrested for negligent driving and DUI early last Thursday morning after his truck landed in a ditch on Route 611 and Murray Road.

Hookah theft
Ocean City Police arrested an 18-year-old woman after she allegedly stole a hookah, and assaulted a Boardwalk store employee when she returned it last Thursday.

Car destruction
Marina A. Santiago, 28, of Allentown, Pennsylvania was arrested after allegedly slamming a bucket repeatedly against a car early last Friday.

Taxi destruction
Henry Contreras, 24, of Falls Church, Virginia was arrested after he broken a taxi windshield wiper and allegedly punched an officer last Saturday.

Indecent exposure
William Griffin, 32, North Potomac, Maryland was arrested after he allegedly masturbated in the hallway of an uptown hotel on July 29.

Disorderly and dancing
Two 18-year-old girls were arrested after dancing on a marked Ocean City Police patrol car and screaming foul language on the Boardwalk near Ninth Street on June 30.

Domestic dispute
Alexis Martinez-Maltez, 25 of Woodbridge, Virginia was charged with second-degree assault after he allegedly hit and strangled a woman last Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Our local treasure, Ocean City. Over run with drunks, rowdy vacationers, and lawlessness. I will see you again in October. The summer season in O.C. has the vacationers viewing it as the location for "the purge."

Anonymous said...

They will never be able to scrub all the "DESHA" funk off of that cop car! Might as well send it to the crusher.

Anonymous said...

family resort? lol!

Anonymous said...

Nice family town!!

Anonymous said...

Revenue cash cow, always has been, always will be. Suggestion to increase to cash - additional administration court cost..I mean penalty (at minimum) of $50 for out of state ding-dongs! Its like a speed camera (which we don't have) fine and should be a future deterrent.

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, my entire comment just made me laugh!

City FAIL!