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Monday, August 07, 2017

COPS: HIV-positive MD teacher’s aide raped dozens of young boys

LA PLATA, Md. – A former Maryland high school track coach faces a 119-count indictment after police allege the HIV-positive man sexually assaulted at least two dozen students without protection over the last two years.

Carlos Deangelo Bell, 30, was allegedly aware of his HIV-positive status when he sexually assaulted at least two dozen boys while serving as a track coach and teacher’s aide in the Charles County Public Schools system between May 2015 and June 2017, when he worked at La Plata High School, J.P. Ryon Elementary School, Benjamin Stoddert Middle School and Maurice J. McDonough High School, Fox News reports.

Investigators with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office initially believed Bell victimized about 10 children, but that figure more than doubled when the Charles County State Attorney’s Office announced the charges against him Monday, according to NBC Washington.

Bell, who was put on administrative leave in December, allegedly continued to sexually assault students during the investigation.

Authorities now believe there were at least 24 victims, 11 of whom have not yet been identified, prosecutor Tony Covington told the news site.



Anonymous said...

Sue the school district for not scrutinizing well enough.

Anonymous said...

That goes beyond sexual assault.

Anonymous said...

Exactly the reason WHY the death penalty is needed. Blatant disregard for the law, human beings (CHILDREN) or ones' self. He is of no use in society!


Anonymous said...

instead of charging him with rape, charge him with murder for each and every person that he raped.

Anonymous said...

At least attempted murder with wanton disregard.

Anonymous said...

What a culture !

Anonymous said...

This is the reason we need to allow cruel and unusual punishment. Kids fathers should be allowed to stone this guy to death in the town square.

Anonymous said...

There's a special place in Hell for him. He'll be going there not long after he gets to prison.

Anonymous said...

He will now go to prison and get the best medical treatment at tax payer expense. Don't ya just love it?