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Monday, August 07, 2017

REPORT: VA teacher accused of sex assault on student resigned to land new job in MD district

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. – Parents with children at Thomas Johnson Middle School recently received a startling lesson about the educational practice known as “passing the trash” that’s putting students at risk of sexual assault.

An NBC Washington investigation into Thomas Johnson assistant principal Zelvin Staten revealed he was accused of sexually abusing a third grade student at his previous job as a teacher in Virginia’s Arlington County school district in 2006.

“According to state education records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, a September 2013 investigation by Arlington County Child Protective Services found … the abuse occurred inside a classroom closet and continued in successive years when the girl was in the fourth and fifth grades,” the news site reports.

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Anonymous said...

Fire him before he gets his first paycheck with the deduction for the Maryland teachers' union.

Anonymous said...

HOW can MD school district do a BACKGROUND CK and STILL Hire THIS POS.?

Anonymous said...

Background checks aren't as comprehensive as one might think.

Anonymous said...

P.G. county will accept any pervert to teach their already racist and ignorant children.

Anonymous said...

From the article:

“Police investigated Staten but said (they) didn’t have evidence to recommend criminal charges. Staten was not prosecuted."

Whether you believe him or not, he is not guilty of any crime.

Anonymous said...

That being public record you do not have to have a conviction to be denied a job of this magnitude. proves they have a broken Human Resource procedures on hiring. Who is going to be responsible for his future actions if they recur? The tax payer should not be held responsible but the ones personally involved in the hiring.

Anonymous said...

whats the matter? got a problem with this? well the kops do it all the time, passing the trash! from one community to another. let em resign and seek employment elsewhere to continue their crimes against unsuspecting citizens! national database for bad teachers and bad kops!

Anonymous said...