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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Smith Island tries to stem losses from rising sea levels

SMITH ISLAND, Md. —In recent years, it's been called the disappearing island, but for centuries in Maryland it's been a staple.

Scientists said rising sea levels and coastal erosion are putting Smith Island at risk of sinking into the bay, but that's not how residents see it.

There is work being done to keep the island community alive for centuries to come.

People approaching Smith Island off the southern tip of Maryland can almost feel the tradition that's existed for over 400 years. The goal on the island is to make sure it's around 400 years from now.

"Been here all my life, except going away for school and things like that," said Jennifer Dize, with Harbor Side restaurant.



Anonymous said...

Another absurd waste of taxpayer bucks -- you can't stop mother nature for long. If the folks who live there want to remain, then they should pay the cost, not the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Islands in Chesapeake Bay are suffering from erosion, a common occurrence as they are sand, silt, clay and no rock. Sea level rise is insignificant, it at all.

NOBLE said...

Erosion NOT water level rise. Check out the latest Nasa studies that show water levels are actually decreasing!

Anonymous said...

Very misleading headline. The island is sinking, not the water level rising. Another case of an untrustworthy media. And to the commenter above. I'd rather my tax dollars go to something like this. Sure beats my taxes being used to pay for abortions, ungrateful social programs to lazy people, and trans gender medical expenses.

Anonymous said...

It's erosion of the wall and other structures. The docks are the same height they have been since I was a pup. We need money to fix the wall BUT hogan gave 1 million dollars to Salisbury to PAINT a few buildings on LAWYER AVENUE. RIDICULOUS. I CANT write to good I went to public school so please don't make fun of me.

Anonymous said...

Look up how much money has spent on poplar island....with zero residents..

Anonymous said...

It can't sink because the earth is flat.