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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Police Were Going To Auction Off Crime Victim's Car Instead Of Returning It

Mary and Clyde Antrim’s Ford Crown Victoria was stolen on June 1 of this year in Pueblo, Colorado. Once recovered, instead of returning the car to Mary, who says she needs it to get to doctors appointments, the police were going to auction it off to make money off the backs of the elderly victims of theft.

Being the victim of theft is hard enough. But what happens when youtrust the cops to return your stolen property once they recover it? Nothing. They planned to make money by auctioning off someone else’s stolen property. Two wrongs make a right when it comes to agents of the government. As if the police state isn’t already bad enough.

“I need my car for my doctor’s appointments that I have to go to,” Mary said. “That’s my transportation and I’m 80 years old and I’d like to have my car back so I can do what I have to do.” Colorado Springs police have nothing to say on camera about this case (And why would they? They were just doing their job, right?), but Mary is talking after she says police would not give her car back or answer her phone calls.

The car was later recovered 45 miles away from Mary’s home in Colorado Springs following an aggravated robbery at Dillard’s on Briargate Blvd. “They (police) told me it was involved in a robbery and that it was being held for evidence and that’s all I was told,” Mary said about the conversation with police on June 5.

When she found out her car was going to be sold at auction, she called News 5 Investigates for help.



Anonymous said...

I am retired now, but when we are at crime scenes and see something we want, most of us just take it. ie antique watches, rare coins, jewelry, guns, cash.
It just gets blamed on the thief.
Bottom line, Never trust the cops.

lmclain said...

Pro tectin' and servin', boys.

now, shut up. or else.

Anonymous said...

Civil Asset forfeiture? After all the car was involved in the commission of a crime.

Anonymous said...

That's how they do it. Finders keepers.

Anonymous said...

And how do we know 1:26 was on the job? More likely a nut that has been arrested for theft.

Anonymous said...

A lot of us think cops are terrible people.
This is just one more example of why we think the way we do.

Anonymous said...


Cops are NOT terrible people, but bad laws can corrupt anybody

Anonymous said...

Cops are NOT terrible people, but bad laws can corrupt anybody

July 27, 2017 at 5:41 PM

lmao omg. first time I have heard that excuse.