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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Online Fishing Tool Helps Anglers Find the Fish


Using Science to Increase Fishing Success
“Where are the fish?” The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is helping anglers answer this age-old question with a new online tool, “Click Before You Cast.”

The tool provides a simple-to-follow, eight-step process to help anglers identify the best places to fish based on a number of scientific data points, be it clarity, habitat, oxygen levels, salinity or water quality. Click Before You Cast seeks to enhance the fishing experience and help anglers find and catch the species they are seeking.

Maryland and its partner agencies collect, analyze and post a variety of environmental monitoring data to aid in the protection and restoration of critical natural resources, including Maryland’s treasured waterways like the Chesapeake Bay. This data can also be used anglers and fishermen as they prepare for their fishing trip.

“When this goldmine of data and monitoring information is combined and distilled, it can provide anglers with a powerful new tool to avoid unproductive waters, save fuel, and increase the chances of fishing success,” said Tom Parham of the department’s Resource Assessment Service. “This is a great example of using science to serve multiple partners and purposes while providing valuable customer service for Maryland residents and visitors.”

Regular updates about Click Before You Cast will be included the department’s weekly fishing reports.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's about as user friendly as a DUI checkpoint. Guessing no one at DNR has ever used an app on a smartphone. They have plenty of data and no idea how to put it together so the average person could make use of it.

Anonymous said...

It's a trap, this is where the coppers will be.