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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Why Illinois Is In Trouble - 63,000 Public Employees With $100,000+ Salaries Cost Taxpayers $10 Billion

The 'Big Dogs' of local government in Illinois.

Illinois is broke and continues to flirt with junk bond status. But the state’s financial woes aren’t stopping 63,000 government employees from bringing home six-figure salaries and higher.

Whenever we open the books, Illinois is consistently one of the worst offenders. Recently, we found auto pound supervisors in Chicago making $144,453; nurses at state corrections earning up to $254,781; junior college presidents making $465,420; university doctors earning $1.6 million; and 84 small-town “managers” out-earning every U.S. governor.



Anonymous said...

Unions killed the entire state.

Anonymous said...

Seems like it's run by liberal Democrats.

Anonymous said...

And then there are the pensions and the golden parachutes.

Steve said...

I grew up there to age 21. Unions were set to kill the state, and I left, 1975.

Then, it happened.

Anonymous said...

Hey Boy Mayor.....maybe you could a mayors job in one of Illinois's small towns. The seem to pay dearly for idiots.