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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Political Hit Jobs: Who really pays?

By Thornton Crowe

In recent months, those around the area have seen political games play out in the most unfavorable fashion. Mayor Jake Day and County Council President John Cannon have created much folly in our local government with their personal slams towards opponents, not to mention endless barrage of idiocy in their tactics to have their way.

It begs one to ask: Are they really looking out for their constituents? The answer is quite simply no. Why? Because it costs you, the taxpayers, thousands of dollars for them to employ their gaff-a-moment slamfest. Better yet, why do you, the taxpayer, allow this insane puppet show to continue at your expense?

For example, look at this nonsense with the Salisbury Fire Department. One would think it would be paramount to all the elected officials that their residents are covered in cases of emergencies. Fire, health crisis - all should be forefront of the mind of decision-makers. Instead, in a double team effort as per the Daily Times article from Friday, it would seem Day and Cannon have joined forces to thwart any solution to the never-ending fire department issue rather than being part of any amicable solution. Thus, they wind up being the nucleus of drama with no end in sight.

In said article, Day's snarky candor is quite stunning when he stated, "If he wants to breach the contract, the county executive will find himself in really hot water."

Does the mayor really want to go down that road? 

A month or so ago, evidence revealed that you and your predecessors have been in breach of your lease with the County for quite some time; never paying the money (approximately $1M) you own for your office space. So, are you talking about breaches like this? What kind of hot water would you be in should the county evict you and your clown posse from your downtown digs due to this default. By law, the County has every right to do so; therefore, would think you're hardly in any position to level threats against anyone. Why does that adage those who live in glass houses come immediately to mind?

As for Cannon and the above machination, it is a gross overstep of his boundaries because the agreement hasn't gotten to a level where his input is desired or required. He has jumped shark to divert voters attention from his failed Lewis expedition. Wasn't it just last week the world learned former Financial Director Leslie Lewis played him (and many others) for a fool with a giant lie; leaving the wayward County Council looking rather ridiculous with egg yolk on faces and all? Didn't that same fiasco cost you, the taxpayer, a nice $50K for a forensic audit based on one big lie from a malcontent bent on revenge? Nice duck and cover but hardly oblique.

Is this the new normal or is it time to start draining our own Delmarva swampland?

It would seem Day and Cannon are reveling in this power grab and are not producing any actual achievements for you, the taxpayers. Instead, they like to play House of Cards politicking while not serving the community - the reason they're in their positions in the first place. Everything they do at this point is suspect because we all wonder what's in it for them on a personal level. Their constant disingenuous antics has only promoted more suspicion not eradicate it.

If you really look at them, both are just spoiled sons of two of the area's socially elite class, who live their lives in their fathers' shadows; trading off their families' name and accomplishments instead of having anything of merit they created on their own. Hence, it's not surprising they're great mates and comrades given their obvious similarities in form and substance.

What Cannon and Day have proven to us is politicians are hardly 'party loyal' when they have common enemies and they'll stop at nothing, including using people, to achieve their end game. They will go after their opponent together with fervor while abandoning any responsibility they owe you, the taxpayer.

They're both big talking blowfishes with not much else to contribute to taxpayers' lives. They're balderdash is hardly finding young adults jobs, helping anyone establish roots here or put food on anyone's table. Heck, now you get the added bonus of wondering that should an emergency occur, would a fire truck or  ambulance even show up to assist you in a time of need.  No, they've much been too busy playing political hacks to be worried with such triviality or work together with all local officials to insure your safety and well-being.

At the end of the day, who really pays for their personality issues with others and inability to play nice in the proverbial sandbox? Why, you do, of course.


Thornton Crowe said...

When is someone calling UHaul It and sending up boxes to Day's office? That's a cost worth paying for IMO.

Anonymous said...

I'll help and I hate moving.

Anonymous said...

Why can't these two be face people and leave the real government to people who know what the hell they're doing? If they did they would have much happier lives.

Anonymous said...

Is Salisbury a city or an episode from the Young & the Restless? Soap Opera Central, baby!

Anonymous said...

They make it so easy not to take them seriously. I voted for John last election. Won't make that same mistake again.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, no one hear has the balls to "drain the swamp"

Anonymous said...

Jake Day is gonna stay in cahoots with John Cannon to keep him in check so that the county won't go after the city for all the money that the city owes the county tax payers. Day is playing the county council and they need to take a look around and see it. Joe i hope that Culver can prove that those email letters are not fake because Cannon and his cohorts are claiming through EBT blogger that they are fakes.

Anonymous said...

It's so obvious that they represent their own interest , I just don't understand why the public doesn't see this , are they that stupid or just don't care ?

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the EBT Blogger knows he's being played for a fool. Feel sorry for him because he doesn't know they're playing him and when their need for him is done, they'll be off like a prom dress. Taylor should really wise up and realize he's being used.

Anonymous said...

10:59 Taylor should really wise up and realize he's being used.

Really the EBT Blogger and 'wise up' are hard to comprehend in the same sentence :)

Anonymous said...

1103 it was worth a shot. He's being used big time and they'll drop him like a summertime brick when they're done with him. I've heard Cannon talk sh77 about him several times and now I find it funny he's defending John's position.

Anonymous said...

I was certain I read in the Daily paper the
cost of the Auditor was $8,000.00 .
I know they said the Auditor could not
continue the investigation , but what
was the Actual Cost to the Taxpayers for
the time spent, does anyone know for certain???

I Threw Up My Lemonade When I Read Your Stupid Asinine Comment said...

1120 that was just for the forensic audit but you have to factor in all the time spent by the County Attorney and other people involved to get the real number. Word play by Cannon to minimize the real costs. Done all the time so taxpayers are kept ignorant.

Anonymous said...

LOL 1120 you kill me. You think Paul Wilber works for free? What a fry.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Brenda would donate the truck if it means getting Day out of 125 N. Division.

Anonymous said...

People like Cannon and Day don't give a crap about anyone else but themselves. They're just narcissistic idiots looking for camera time. They both think their running drama is winning them votes. It's just a big yawn over here.

JoeAlbero said...

11:20, the total expense, (including lawyers) on the audit was over $50,000.00 .

I Threw Up My Lemonade When I Saw This On Your Blog! said...

Joe you should get the evidence of it and post it. That'll show the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Crowe there's a band called Insane Clown Posse. Good band but you're totally ruining it for me because of your comments about the Jakester and his idiots.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness the county council should divide the cost between them being that they started this thing. Why should taxpayers have to pay for this?

Anonymous said...

If they are not paying their rent they need to be evicted! Why should Wicomico County taxpayers foot the bill for the City of Salisbury. Typical of the democrats. They want everyone else to pay their bills.

Anonymous said...

I think it's time for the County Executive and County Council to kick the City of Salisbury out of the Wicomico County Government Office Building. This is a county building, not a city council building as Jake Day has posted several times.

Anonymous said...

Two people dead in late night officer involved shooting.

You know it's a sad day in Salisbury to be a Mayor when a national breakfast restaurant has to hire 2 (TWO) off duty police officers as security to protect good patrons who are trying to eat an innocent late night/Sunday morning breakfast. And right next to a large Oakridge Baptist Church.

But Jake Day and Jim Ireton have been feeding us this "Crime is Down" bullsh!t to us for several years now. Barrie Tilghman and Alan Webster lied about gangs in Salisbury for many years.

See what refusing to punish black criminals for "minor" crimes to make it look like crime is down is getting us! See what this denying and lying is getting us! See what this low income housing is getting us! See what inviting homeless criminals to Salisbury is getting us! See what accepting building ECI in the name of jobs is getting us! See what inviting multiple rental housing units is getting us! See what 95% rental housing stock is getting us! See what EBT Cards is getting us! See what refusing to punish black kids in our public schools is getting us!

See what electing Democrats is getting us!

See what electing Jake Day got us!!!

No, you know it's really a sad day being a good citizen and living in Salisbury!!

Anonymous said...

Just read the old article Crowe put in this one about the rent. It's real. Jake get your checkbook out!

Anonymous said...

I think it's more important we get these chain link fences torn down in the city! (SIC)
All the really serious things in this city/county, and this is the headlines in the newspaper?

Anonymous said...

That picture of John Cannon reminds me of Jim Ireton if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Jake Day is gonna stay in cahoots with John Cannon to keep him in check so that the county won't go after the city for all the money that the city owes the county tax payers. Day is playing the county council and they need to take a look around and see it. Joe i hope that Culver can prove that those email letters are not fake because Cannon and his cohorts are claiming through EBT blogger that they are fakes.

July 9, 2017 at 10:44 AM

John Cannon invited Jake (Jacked up Teeth) Day an his not so pretty bride to his wedding. The two have nothing in common except feeding off of each other. Jake Day needs office space in the County GOB and Slum Lord John Cannon needs lax rental laws and rental fees so he can continue to live in nice neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

11:29 That's because they had rich daddies growing up 😏

Anonymous said...

Who gives a flip if Taylor is being used and abused. Karma for being such a stalker his whole adult life. He's been vile to everyone he doesn't agree with and no friend to anyone he didn't think he could scam something out of. World's smallest violins are playing for him.

Anonymous said...

Jake Day said... But crime is down in Salisbury!

Me: No Mr. Mare the only thing down is 2 Thugs. Thank you Trooper!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever noticed when bad shooting happen like to today in Salisbury in other cities, public officials like the mayor have press conferences with the police to inform the community? Why didn't Jake take a little time away from his paddle boating to do this? Does he want a race war to happen on his watch?

Anonymous said...

they took the play out of the democratic play book. they are doing the same thing to Trump. divide and distract. but the actual result is disgust and not giving a $hit anymore most born heres either don't get it or don't care, which is why it has gone on so long. and the bury elite know it.

Anonymous said...

Fire Lieutenant David Cox Part II

The Fire Department ran 13,290 calls last year.
(No, the EMS Division ran the majority of those calls, not the Fire Department. The fire engines have been mandated to self dispatch and chase Ambulance calls in order to increase the call volume to justify paid fire jobs(not Paramedic jobs) and to get more funding from Wicomico County. It's all boils down to Fraud by Rick Hoppes and condoned and confirmed by the Mayor and City Council.)

It costs around $28,000 to replace a position.
(Why does it cost $28,000 to replace a position?
(They pulled this lie out of their butts. Please prove where it costs $28,000 just to replace a position?? It doesn't cost that much for training because they have to meet qualifications before they can get hired. More lies and Fraud by Rick Hoppes, et. al.)

With promotions, people move backwards along the pay scale.
(Shouldn't have had so many promotions. Shouldn't have forced out good people. Shouldn't have created more positions. Salisbury is too small to 2 paid Deputy Chief and 1 useless volunteer Deputy Chief. No one told you to get the Mayor to buy into creating that additional Paid Deputy Chief. Then you got the mayor to buy into creating 2 more Fire Captains. Plus you don't need a paid fire lieutenant of inspections(the county and state already do the inspections), a paid EMS QA Captain, a paid fire lieutenant of Training(MFRI and MIEMSS does all the training needed for free). You don't need a paid fire lieutenant of maintenance and supply(the secretaries(3 now) or a firemen on each shift can do the ordering of supplies.)

Compression issues - Promotions should go vertical, not back to the beginning of the scale.
(You wouldn't have compression if you didn't fabricate all these new officer positions. Plus your so called Compression is because the new promotees have no experience so they have to go back to the beginning of the scales.)

(Fire Department Lieutenant David Cox?? Hmmm... Where did we hear that name before???)

1)Wednesday, July 16, 2008
2) Thursday, July 17, 2008
Salisbury Firefighter Arrested For Impersonating A Police Officer
3) Thursday, July 17, 2008
David Cox Was Loaded With Illegal Material
4) Monday, September 29, 2008
Fighting Fire With Criminals
5)Friday, July 17, 2009
One Year Ago Today)

So there you have it. Wannabe Fire Chief Rick Hoppes putting a known Criminal in charge of representing the Fire Department Employee Council to speak to the City Council to convince them to buy into spending more money on paid firemen.

Do you think David is a liar? He got arrested didn't he! If you steal, you lie. Nice pick Cheefy.

Mr. Albero you should do and updated story on this promotion of David Cox and show all the pictures of the illegal items he had in his possession when he was arrested.

Anonymous said...

Fire Lieutenant David Cox

Part I

So where do we start? We have a criminal hired by David See and rehired over a year later even after this thug was caught red handed with the goods.

Now we have a criminal that was promoted to Acting Lieutenant by Rich Hoppes.

A couple of year fast forward we have the same Criminal promoted to full Lieutenant by Rick Hoppes and Confirmed by Jake Day and the Salisbury City Council.

Salisbury Fire Department

Fire Department Lieutenant David Cox and Firefighter DJ Hoster, representing the Fire Department Employee Council, joined Council to discuss the FY18 Mayor’s budget and discussed the following:

They thanked Council for having the Fire Service Agreement signed.
(They were thankful the volunteers have been eliminated from the picture)

They currently now have two units staffed with three but would like to see a minimum of four. Some departments have five and six members, but four is 25% more efficient than a three-person team.
(You are pipe dreaming if you think "Most" units are staffed with 5 and 6 members even though you said "some." Once the bean counters realize there aren't enough fires to justify five or 6 paid members they will start cutting back. Also you failed to mention that "some" of those departments staffing with 5 and 6 are volunteer stations, but you are suggesting hiring more paid firemen.

Fire personnel are leaving the City of Salisbury because of the overtime issues.
(What overtime issues? Did you explain that one? Truth be known fire personnel are leaving the City of Salisbury because they are sick and tired of Rick Hoppes' Bullsh!t or they've been forced out. Some have left because they want to work for a real fire department with real leadership.

The attrition rate since 2008 is 50%.
(Please explain this one and prove it? Again Rick Hoppes has been the common denominator since 2008.)

To be continued

Anonymous said...

Repeal the City of Salisbury Charter.
Consolidate with the County.
Speak with one voice.
Eliminate duplication.
Salisbury has outlived its usefulness

Anonymous said...

See what electing Democrats is getting us!

See what electing Jake Day got us!!!

No, you know it's really a sad day being a good citizen and living in Salisbury!!

July 9, 2017 at 11:58 AM

Excuse me but who were the good citizens who elected these people? And where were these good citizens when you had a man like Joe Albero running for mayor?

It was these "good citizens" that had the election to lose and lose they did, and continue to do so.

These "good citizens" keep looking at one man to blame for all the crap in Da'bury, which is only partially true. Each and every one of these "good citizens" have their finger in the mess that is smallsbury.

You want and expect the police to protect you but ridicule them, second guess them, call them cowards, dummies, and other such crap.

There is enough blame to go around in that shithole you call Salisbury, each one should be made to lick that spoon.