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Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Response to a Viewer's Post 7-12-17

A spot of History with your morning cup of coffee...

By Thornton Crowe

The other day, an anonymous commenter submitted the following for publication here on Salisbury News. There's only one problem. Their take on colonial history is way out of whack! Hence, why the person probably has such disdain for Whites.

"The reality is for far to many years white folks have killed people of all races with total disregard for life. Y'all are the most vicious kind of man to ever walk this earth. You damn near completely wiped out a whole race of people for their land. You enslaved another to be the burden bearer's of this nation. Now that your comfortable with yourselves and your off springs are in a wonderful place finically. Now you want to point the finger and call everybody else the bad guy! Shame on you. I don't agree with the things young unguided men do at all and in no way do I agree with the direction the culture is going. But how dare a killer of millions of innocent people point a finger at these fools. At least they killed each other or some dumb street shit then walking in to a movie theater or a elementary school and kill for nothing."
Besides the obvious illiteracy of the author, the fact they have much of Colonial History wrong leads us to understand why some just don't seem to get the whole Fake News behind the White Privilege meme permeating our society today. 

First, colonists didn't come here to kill anyone. They came here to for money making and world influence purposes only. It was an untraveled terrain and a new adventure. They didn't seek out to rape and pillage - and if you know history, those moments were not as frequent as you've been led to believe.

Additionally, many colonists rebelled against each other - not Native Americans. Many rebellions happened due to conflicts over a plethora of things - namely trading rights, etc. Bacon's Rebellion is a prime example and one should investigate it for more history on that phenomena that occurred during our early years here in the New World. Furthermore, in Maryland, a rebellion occurred where black slaves and indentured servants went up against owners to physical altercation of the passage of the Virginia Slave Code of 1705

Second, many free black people in the colonial era owned slaves. In fact, one such owner in Accomack County, had more black slaves than most whites. He was the richest landowner in the region. Don't forget black slaves were sold to whites out of the West Indies by black merchants -- not whites. Therefore, where is all the black angst against these merchants of death? Why aren't black people being held accountable and having people demand reparations from them?

Third, the colonies, besides the Crown trying to venture into more money-making enterprises also used the US as a prison - much like Alcatraz. Criminals were sent to the New World because the British government didn't want to house them

Fifth, the commenter talks about the two young men who killed each other in the Denny's parking lot. As many learned on the first article, Michael T. Ward (27) killed Jaquan Griffin (21) then turned on a police officer, who killed him in self-defense. Hardly, black killing black in this ambush scenario by one perpetrator aggressively seeking out to kill another. This information was available before this commenter penned his prose. Had he/she been paying attention, they would've picked up on these factoids with ease

While he/she is correct this is not a movie theater/schoolhouse mass shooting, it is a shooting all the same and shouldn't be treated any differently. However, to say that all white people kill without mercy somehow weaves many untruths throughout our history into his/her explanation is just nonsensical babble.

Living in this area and not knowing this history is inexcusable. Why? Because at Salisbury University there's a wonderful resource called the Edward H. Nabb Center located in that pretty new library, where you have all this information (and more) at your fingertips. Staffed with a well-appointed group of people, you can go investigate the truth about the real beginnings of our country. So why aren't you more inclined to go there and study before you speak? 

The best education is one that a person obtains through self-study and reflection. 

Common Core has gravely failed you. Yeah, I know it's a pain in the arse to study history because you have to go through diaries, deeds, court records, newspapers with funny print and all the other inconveniences but it's better than being ignorant of the truth! 

Dare to educate yourself the analog way and quit depending on Fake News and Liberals to do your thinking for you!


Anonymous said...

NAACP.....any questions?????

Anonymous said...

Lack of education. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Lol sounds like you're buying into the Thanksgiving they teach us in grade school. Sure, the express purpose of the colonists was not to rape and pillage. I don't think they were surprised to find anyone inhabiting the New World. Indigenous people had been warring with the early Spanish settlers before. The Spanish were largely responsible for the pessimistic view many settlers had of the natives, thinking of them as 'savage, flesh eaters' etc.

RE free blacks owning slaves, sure, it was horrible. I think we all agree. But it wasn't free blacks in the banking system that established a neighborhood value system directly linking mortgage eligibility to race. Minority communities were deemed as risky. It's called "redlining". 98% of federally backed home loans went to white homebuyers because of this. Denied home loans, they are not able to accumulate wealth through equity and those who could afford homes were again ostracized by the white population who refused to buy into their neighborhoods.

While YOU DIRECTLY were not involved (hopefully lol) in these events and while you should not be expected to be guilty for the sins of others solely because of your race, it is something that happened. It is something that should be known. "Those who do not know history's mistakes are doomed to repeat them." :)

Thornton Crowe said...

Oh contrare, ANON 9:53AM Thornton was here during those times, too. Thornton is everywhere.

Anonymous said...

A hateful culture as always from the land of war , Africa . Ignorance at it's best , thank you Mr. Crowe , I don't think it will do any good they are mind set and full of hate . If you are trying to teach them , give it up .

Jim said...

Good post, Thornton.

One glaring omission though..

"First, colonists didn't come here to kill anyone. They came here to for money making and world influence purposes only."

Many of them came here because of religious persecution, remember?

One other factoid that is often left out of slavery discussions is this-- it was against the law to release slaves, whether you wanted to or not. Illegal. With severe penalties.

My Gr-gr-gr-gr-grandfather "owned" slaves in the late 1600's, but they were people he 'bought' from others in order to bring them into his realm and give them a decent life; to rescue them from the awful torments they suffered at the hands of their ruthless owners.

As you have shown in this post, traditional thinking and narratives vis 'slavery' are often not accurate.

Good job.

Anonymous said...

Blacks created slavery not whites.

Anonymous said...

@9:53 They couldn't get loans because they had bad credit and didn't pay there own way, When the laws were changed and they were given loans it caused the collapse of our economy. I'm sorry but most people in America do not want to live in the third world country model that you mentally cannot or will not escape.

Anonymous said...

There is one point I would concede the original author, and that is that whites DID kill millions when they came here. I highly doubt, however, that he is referring, as I am, to the many diseases the Spanish introduced, by accident, to which the natives were extremely susceptible.

Anonymous said...

Nicely written Mr. Crowe, very
informative for those who "care
to listen."

Thornton Crowe said...

Of course, the whites killed but not millions (as there weren't millions here at that time) and the Native Americans didn't go without their jaw knockers either. They were fighting over territory not going to a prom. However, there is a misperception that whites were just into mass genocide of anything not white and that simply was not the case. There was a lack of communication between them because everyone back in the day was barely able to communicate at all. You have to put yourself in that frame of history and quit thinking 21st century.

Example looking at colonial era through 21st century lenses: Most people thought all colonists were just a bunch of drunks because they drank 'beer' but that meade was made because the water was bad. It was infested with disease and the beer had a negligible (at best) alcohol content but enough to kill bacteria in the water used to make it.

Thornton Crowe said...

Thank you ANON 10:13AM. I am stunned that given the Nabb's Center close proximity to many of the Salisbury News readers, they don't utilize that wonderful resource to the public. It is a gift the University bestows on the community (and the world) so we can learn about the Colonial Era! It's time people educate themselves especially now that they've seen the world that's been pulled over their eyes to blind them from the truth.

Anonymous said...

One of the guys recently killed shot the other. When he then shot at the cop providing security guard services, the cop returned fire and killed him. Don't know if dead guy #1 even pulled a trigger but he was apparently armed. Think that's an accurate synopsis.

Not to the jousting as to who caused this. Both of the dead have apparently had quite a few 'brushes' with the law; most normal or law-abiding citizens haven't. Something about their upbringing or circumstances led them to believe that packing heat and shooting in a parking lot were acceptable ways to settle a dispute. Many have weighed in with their theories.

Humans are contentious beings. In all ages. In most all societies. Those who can't at least stick up for themselves end up losing their lives, families, freedom, possessions, etc. Historically, those who lost and weren't killed stood a good chance of ending up as a slave, no matter where on the Earth they lived. So importing slaves to the New World was a new concept but slavery wasn't. And the Indians either killed or controlled the fates of losing tribe members.

Just like Chicago, Baltimore, etc. the carnage here has to do with members of the same race (in this case, cousins?) killing each other. Parents of these kids/youth/young adults have permitted access to music, movies, rappers, etc. that glorify the drug and thug lifestyle. Small wonder the kids take it one step further by acting out what they've been programmed to accept.

Positive role models, in the home, on the street and in the neighborhoods are the only solution that will generate positive, lasting results.

Anonymous said...

Don't fret the young gansta thug culture is eliminating a whole generation right by themselves they don't need the evil white mabs help

Swamp Drainer of the Shore said...

Black and white people aren't the problem here. It's the Liberals who are misinforming people about history who are the real criminals in this propaganda. They're using identity politics to divert you and subvert you. And you give them that control every time you buy into their BS. Wise up! Stupidity is neither honorable or admirable.

Anonymous said...

After the Denny's shooting I viewed many fb profiles of our thug life residents and 99% of them were blaming the white guy for their woes.

But there was one guy who said - How do you expect whites to care about us when we are going around killing each other. Of course there was push back and an NAACP relative who said there was no such thing as black on black crime since whites kill each other too.

But he is correct and what his dissenter refuse to acknowledge is:
Your race, as a minority is responsible for 70% of all crime.
I don't hate YOU, I hate what your culture does to our community and your refusal to take responsibility for it and change it.
I also hate that you make excuses for it and blame everyone else for your blight.

It was an interesting insight into what they really think.

Your race baiting commenter has no other choice but to blame whites. If they didn't then they would have to take responsibility for what they have created, and they aren't going to do that.

Anonymous said...

1029 we are a society without real heroes because the heroes we do have are vilified at every turn.

Anonymous said...

I believe you were there, Thornton. You're a character.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mary, Mary Ashanti....where be thou?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Crowe, you should know better than to write long articles like this because your target audience doesn't read anything past the click bait titles. Shame on you. ;)

Anonymous said...

1107 here again. And Mr. C you don't expect anyone to actually click on the endless links. It's simply too hard to even read all that stuff. Again your target audience won't soak this up because they don't have time to be bothered with it. They gotta get to the next BLM rally.

Anonymous said...

Democrat policies ruined the black family unit which is the core problem.

Thornton Crowe said...

Jim, much was omitted due to space limitations. If I were to cover every nuance of the Colonial Period, this post would be several miles long and readers would grow wary. There's a lot of territory to cover and with a post, you have limitation. The bare bones are in order and it's a Cliff Note to be sure. Links included should provide research information for those daring to inform themselves. Surely, you got the way broad stroke of it!

I Threw Up My Lemonade When I Saw This On Your Blog! said...

1208 you are spot on there. Ronald Reagan even said as much in 1964 with his searing speech A Time for Choosing... The courts along with Liberals have broken down the black family unit by making it impossible for married black families with limited means to get assistance in spite of the fact that in the sixties, the wages were disproportionately lower for black families versus whites. Another reason to learn history because we keep repeating it over and over and over and over again!