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Monday, July 17, 2017

Military Helping To Make America Great Again


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Government employees - every one of them.

(and I'm a veteran)

Anonymous said...

It still never ceases to amaze me that the African American vote leans so far left. Truly, folks, and I am referring to African Americans and I do not mean to be cynical or condescending, but, what have the democrats done for you to make you proud and what have they done for you to make you feel like you are contributing to the country?

Anonymous said...

The black race has been totally duped by the DEMS. YES, the DEMS continue to try to keep them on Their Plantation and under their control. So sad they can't see what's been happening to them all these many years.

Jim said...

This clearly demonstrates why the military members have had such a difficult time getting their absentee ballots sent to them on time while the democrats were in charge.

I wonder how many thousands of our military had their vote STOLEN from them in this way?

Anonymous said...

Question...are Black/African American's not included in the other groups as Active, Guard, Reserve, Female or other groups?

As for the black race, since we don't meet together to share our opinions like it's implied in the media, I cannot speak for any other person other than myself. I don't honestly feel that ANY of the candidates listed will do anything to help the black race, until it's realized by everyone that it's not about race at all. Presidents don't do anything for any just doesn't work like that. They don't draft or write laws. They have the power of executive orders, but change for anyone will need to come from the congressional level down to the local leaders in struggling areas. Firstly, we need to have a stronger grasp on the Opioid epidemic that is attacking our youth and older citizens. Stopping the production of prescription Opioid drugs would be a great start! Education then needs to be re-invented to plant a new way of thinking in our schools that focuses on innovative thinking instead of memorizing data. We then as a society will need to stop dividing us into groups with surveys that don't even represent the viewpoints of some of the folks that it labels. Lastly, we need to respect our law enforcement agencies and learn a new way to pull down all of the mental barriers that we have allowed the media to build up. Most of the police officers that I have met in my lifetime have been awesome people and good friends. I work on computers for a living and I consider myself to be pretty good at it. But one day, you may come across a computer tech that really sucks and should not be in that field. Does that mean you should hate all computer techs?...of course not. Officers being hurt or worse for doing their job is one of the saddest things in the world. Everybody deserves to make it home safely to their families every night. At the same time, each person should be held accountable for their actions and that includes a idiot that just so happens to be a police officer. We need to hold all individuals accountable, without grouping everything!

Anonymous said...

Blacks are a large demographic in the military, larger in proportion than that of the general population, and their voting behavior therefore an important piece of survey information.
In the Black/African American sample diagram, one might concentrate on the large number of Hillary supporters and perhaps say that it's expected. But they should be looking at the numbers for Trump. In the general population, Trump took only 8% of the black vote in 2016.
In this military survey, he's promised 27%. What accounts for the over 300% difference?