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Monday, July 17, 2017

Self-fueling boat sets off from Paris on 6-year world trip

A boat that fuels itself is setting off around the world from Paris on a six-year journey that its designers hope will serves as a model for emissions-free energy networks of the future.

Energy Observer will use its solar panels, wind turbines and a hydrogen fuel cell system to power its trip. The 5 million-euro ($5.25 million) boat heads off Saturday from Paris toward the Atlantic.

The futuristic-looking 30.5-meter (100-foot) boat will rely on sun or wind during the day and tap into its hydrogen reservoirs at night. It produces its own hydrogen through electrolysis of sea water.

Originally designed in 1983, the boat enjoyed a successful career in open-sea sailing races before skippers Frederic Dahirel and Victorien Erussard and a French research institute converted it into the Energy Observer project.



Anonymous said...

We are right back where we started... remember sail boats??? 1492 sail the ocean blue.

Anonymous said...

Then hydro-power created on the oceans floor should be used instead of rejected / hidden / covered-up.

Anonymous said...

Let's bring that price down some and apply the technology to more than this boat and nuclear subs.

Anonymous said...

How would "us" or "we" go about bringing down the price?
I know I certainly did not create it, and am not smart enough to do so.
Whoever invented and designed it should be paid what they demand for the technology.
Seems fair to me.

If I owned it, I would want to be paid very well for it.