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Monday, July 17, 2017

Plans to Dump Radioactive Fukushima Water into Pacific

In the latest sign that the area surrounding the destroyed Fukushima power plant is far from ready for the return of human inhabitants, locals and fishing groups are criticizing a plan to release water containing radioactive tritium from the ruined Fukushima power plant into the ocean, according to the Telegraph. Officials of Tokyo Electric Power Co., the operator of the plant, say tritium poses little risk to human health and is quickly diluted by the ocean. But for some, the plan undoubtedly dredges up uncomfortable memories from 2013, when it was revealed that 300 tonnes of radioactive material had been leaking into the Pacific Ocean from the devastated plant every day. It was also revealed that TEPCO had known about the leaks, but had tried to cover them up.

TEPCO has been tasked with decommissioning the plant, and has been using robots to find and clean the melted nuclear fuel debris that is believed to be creating exorbitant levels of radiation in the area surrounding the plant. Though the company had to pull some of its robots out in February after radiation reached such high levels that not even machinery could function correctly, according to theInternational Business Times.



Anonymous said...

4 years of leaks and now they are planning to release water into the Pacific.

Hmmm, something tells me that PLAN has been on-going for 4 years! Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids!

Anonymous said...

Didn't they learn? Godzilla will return, only this time much more powerful.

Anonymous said...

If they have been dumping it the last 4 years, that explains what is wrong with all the crazy people in California, especially the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

It won't hurt the environment. Neither does burning fossil fuels.

Anonymous said...

Pump into a rocket and send it to the sun. The Pacific has had 4 years of that punishment. If you have it contained, package it and hit the SEND button.

Anonymous said...

no no no no no no no no no etc