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Monday, July 17, 2017

Colleges enrolling record number of Chinese students

[This article was originally published in 2011]

Dayton, Ohio — International students are enrolling at some local colleges in record numbers, due in large part to a nationwide surge in undergraduates from China.

Wright State University, Miami University and University of Dayton this year all shattered their previous enrollment records for international students, and Chinese students accounted for 46 percent of their combined foreign-student populations, according to the schools.

About 1,268 Chinese students are attending the three universities this year, and enrollment of Chinese students across Ohio continues to grow at a time when enrollment of students from other countries has slowed or declined, a new report found.

Local college officials said international students promote cultural diversity on campus and expose American students to foreign perspectives that will prepare them for life and work in a global marketplace. They also inject $662 million into the Ohio economy, according to Open Doors 2011, a report released this week by the New York-based Institute of International Education.

As for the foreign students themselves, officials said they value degrees from U.S. colleges because the country’s higher education system is revered worldwide, and there are limited top-notch educational opportunities in their homelands.

College officials said it is important to have a strong Web presence to market their programs, but they also rely on international recruiters and partnerships with colleges abroad.

Wright State this year signed dual-degree agreements with four universities in China that allows Chinese students to seek graduate degrees from the school. The college also has a student-exchange agreement with Dalian Jiaotong University in China in which the school sends students to Wright State to complete master’s programs in engineering and business.


[With much of our sensitive military technology falling into the hands of the Chinese government in recent years, it is important to note that the universities mentioned above all have excellent engineering programs, and are all located near one of our military bases where major defense-related research and development is done. Engineering students in such programs often gain access to our leading-edge technology through university partnerships with the Department of Defense and their associated contractors throughout the US. Perhaps it's time to take a very close look at that. --Editor]

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Anonymous said...

GREED at its worse. All about the out of state tuition for these universities. Blah blah exposure, blah blah diversity.

SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then in a blink of an eye we'll all be sayin "Whaaa...happened?"

Anonymous said...

As long as none of them pretend to be natural born US citizens later in in a bid to become Senator or President, I'm good.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are trying to make Russia out to be the enemy when China is a bigger threat and always seem to steal our military secrets when Democrats are in office.

Anonymous said...

China population 1-2 BILLION
US and Russia Population = less than 700 million.

OP 1040, I don't think too many people want to be in politics, its the haves that run the country...not the have nots!

With the Tsunami of foreign students enrolling AND graduating from US colleges....who's more likely to be the have nots?


Anonymous said...

Seems if we have 25,000 Chinese spies already then we are dumber than China is because we keep letting them come here. Remember we trained the ones that blew up the Twin Towers to get their pilots licenses. It just goes to show you we have some brainless people in America.

Anonymous said...

College is about money.
Plain and simple.

There are a LOT of Chinese students and many of them have plenty of money.

Anonymous said...

This is great! Soon it will be the Chinese kids with worthless degrees and no hope of repaying student loans.

Anonymous said...

Chinese pay for the classes, housing, Chinese professors, all expenses upfront including the Chinese courses, donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to these colleges / universities. You ought to check on the amount University system get from the Chinese and other Universities / Colleges across the US. There is plenty of documentation on this subject. This is a money maker for Institutions of higher learning.